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Postponing your wedding

As we all know, COVID-19 is altering our lives in many ways that we could never have imagined. For many of you, it's forcing a wedding postponement. It's heart breaking,

but remember.....

You're still with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Your love for that person hasn't changed. If probably has gotten stronger during this pandemic. If you come out of this with your loved ones and your health, I call that a win .

You will still get to be with the ones you love on your new wedding day and celebrating this huge milestone in your lives will mean that much more when all of this passes.

So when you're feeling down just remember ...your love is not cancelled and neither is your wedding, it's just postponed.

Alright lets talk about postponing, It sucks I know. We just postponed our own wedding so I definitely know the emotional roller-coaster you're experiencing. Here are the steps we took: 1. Reach out to your venue This is where your event is taking place, of course you must know the dates they are available in 2021 before making any other decisions! 2. Message your vendors For us this included: Photographer, DJ, Officiant, Catering Company & Makeup Artist. We definitely lucked out with ALL of our amazing vendors being available on our new date. Unfortunately this is not going to be the case for many of you. What I suggest, check over your contracts. Figure out if deposits/retainers are refundable or not and go from there! 3. Call the hotels For us, we had many guests flying/driving in from far away that would need accommodations after the wedding. I called the hotels we blocked rooms with and they were able to block rooms on our new date. 4. Let guests know Luckily we hadn't sent out our invitations yet so we didn't have to let everyone know of the new date other than close friends and family. 5. Celebrate your day anyway Yes Corona postponed your wedding with your loved ones but it can't postpone you and your loved one from celebrating the day anyways! Get dressed up if you want, share some words with your fiancé, bake a wedding cake, pop some champagne, order sushi.. celebrate however you want, and document it! Breathe and remember, you're safe at home and healthy. You're doing the right thing by postponing your wedding. You found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. Life is pretty great.


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